I have two of these old Khun Paen amulets by LP Taab now cased in silver and the first buyer chooses the one they want - they are the same price.

The Green See Pung of Luang Phor Taab is legendary and I get it whenever I see an affordable piece as it is akin to being from another planet. Luang Phor Taab only made this product towards the end of his long life, which was predominantly spent as a monk. He took a decade to collect the items he wanted to make a see pung from and kept these items on his shrine to build their power through daily blessings. When he finally released it to the public, word of its efficiency in bringing good fortune spread like wildfire and in no time he has people travelling from Bangkok to get some from him, which was quite a feat around 50 years ago, especially to the wilds of NE Thailand.

The funny thing was that anyone who came to the temple wanting this product was kept waiting, sometimes for days as he would not just sell it to anyone. There are quite a few stories of Luang Phor refusing the requests of very important people unless they spent a few days in his temple, which sounds quite funny. The huge demand for this product was because of its ability to bring wealth, at which it is legendary.

These are Khun paen amulets from LP Taab and made around 50 years ago and they are of his earth and green see pung mixture, rather then being pure see pung. The effect of this stuff being present is still incredible, giving the amulets 'another world' feeling and in many ways it is as Thailand 50 years ago is a very different place to what it is now.

The amulets are a nice size in their silver cases at 1.75" and 1.65".

Relics of a bygone age.

Khun Paen Prai Amulets by LP Taab with his Green See Pung LAST ONE

  • Khun Paen is the Master Magician of old with a littany of lovers and strong magical ability and amulets to him bring great Saneah and good fortune.

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