These are rare things - and the longest one has now sold for the ful price of $235 so i can now sell the smaller ones at a little less.

A Lek Kanun is like a metal wand and these came from a temple called Wat Bua Kwan, which means The Temple of the Heavenly Lotus. They have been used for 15 years to pierce corpses that are being burned in the traditional way to either release gasses or help turn them to make sure they burn efficiently. By doing this task they have become highly supernatural after having pierced many bodies that have died a prai death through accidents, suicides, murders, drownings etc.

Generally, items such as this are used in Miit Mhor to be melted down by Ajarn Krit has passed them on to use as wands with an added blessing ritual for great fortune that he gave in the cemetery they came from. This means that these can be used either to bucha or to use as a wand to touch items related to wealth in your personal life or in business, and these are strong.

There is a ritual of ownership for these that involves a long kata and burning 15 incense to the beings below, which is a rather beautiful event that I am sure will cherish.

The 2 remaining measure 10.5" and 10.25" and first come first served. They are heavy and can now be sent via a slower courier service to the US, OZ, NZ and Canada as well as by my old service to the UK and most of Europe.

Rare and maginificent items.

Post - to the USA, Canada, Japan, Oz and NZ - by COURIER ONLY ($45)

Standard registered ($10) applies to everywhere else.

Astonishing Lek Kanun Wands by Ajarn Krit LAST ONE

  • A Mai Kru is an astonishing item that helps direct your energies during magical works and boosts your latent forces. The top is the point where the deities enter to help your works and the base is where they exit.