Phrakham are the strings of 108 beads that are used to both count kata and are a form of amulet themselves to bring Metta and banish negative forces, thus providing a dual purpose. Using these beads for counting kata aids Samathi and improves mental faculties, removing stress and bringing calmness.

The blessing of these was conducted by Ajarn Tui and with his Wicha this takes place over three concurrent nights. The first blessing is for the 5 Buddhas and the second two were dedicated to Serm Baramee, which raises the bearers social status. They are magnificent and I have 3 of each wood.

The dark brown Phra Kham in the middle are the traditional beads that are made from the wood of a Makham Tree that stood in his temple grounds for a very long time, where it constantly absorbed the strong magic inherant in a Thai Wat - 3

Coming out from the centre, next are made of the black wood called Maai Ngiew Dam, which are beautiful and are related to Thai legend as this is the tree you have to climb to get out of hell - SOLD OUT

The large, long set of the tan coloured wood are from Maai Khanun, and as these are long they are held in both hands resting on the knees when in Samathi and one hand helps the other by moving the beads along -3

The strength of these grow with use because using them to count kata empowers the beads further.

Great Phra Kham beads are an asset to everyone and protect against black magic, negative forces, malicious spirits and ghosts as well as aiding meditation.

These are the best beads I can find at this time and I only have 3 of each.

They are all the same price.

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Astonishing Wood Phrakham 108 Beads blessed by Ajarn Tui

  • There are many forms of these sets of 108 beads that include stone, metal, assemblies of herbs, various forms of wood and even magical forms of iron ore, which can even bring other attributes to the function of counting kata.