Miit Mhor Knives - These HAVE to be sent by courier and the only courier service that does this is DHL, who do not allow amulets. So anyone ordering a Miit Mhor cannot add to the box with an amulet. Sorry for this, it is just the rules.

A good Miit Mhor is an essential tool to any magician as they are used to bind, cut, seal, break or banish ghosts, and these are special because they come from a very limited run by Ajarn Apichai, only 9 were made. Knives of this type are not produced much now, especially in such small numbers by Ajarn was making some for devotees and I added 4 to the order.

A foundary made the actual metal knife and rod that inserts into the hard wood handle and they followed the correct proceedure for making a Miit Mhor as the metal is made up of spiritually potent materials, including metal from temples, old Buddhas statues, lightning rods that have been struck, Lek Nam Phi, Leklai and many more. The designs on the blade are traditional, with a twin Naga on one side and script on the other, which includes the kata for this knife and the name of Ajarn Apichai. The applied metal work is also spot on and it is rare to see these now.

The knife has a kata and the feeling of it is perfect. It has a fantastic weight to it and sits well in the hand.

Miit Mhor are an essential tool for any magician and this is a very very good one.

Connection with the knife is built over time and there is a ritual to allow them to enter and make them ready for use by their new owner, which i will share on purchase.

An incredible item.

A reminder that this can only be sent by courier and on its own, no amulets can be sent with this order.

Beautiful 9.5" Miit Mhor Knives by Ajarn Apichai

  • A Miit Mhor knife is an essential tool to all Thai magicians. It is used to seal, bind, cut and bond through magical tasks, repels bad ghosts and is a strong form of protection. Good ones are hard to find as these knives should have weight and be fit for purpose.