This is an astonishing piece of type of Burmese Prai Occultism that is rare and was organised by Ajarn Tay in Chiang Mai, getting her to bless the pieces on one of his trips to Myanmar.

This exceptional amulet consists of a large photograph of the young Burmese lady whose bones and prai have been used in this piece by Mor Non, a Burmese lady who works with heavy prai in a way that is very unusual to see, it is insane prai. Due to the way she died, this amulet contains a Phi Tai Hong ghost due to dying in an accident, and she is looking to work for merit to ease her plight in the afterworld. This is like a Nang Prai but with Burmese overtones.

The back of the amulet is astonishing and all the prai is from this body source. There's many sections of Panneng, charred bone, her corpse cloth and hair, a phial of bone powder, a phial of Saneah oil, the matrix is pretty much all bone powder and three Takrut wrapped in Sai Sin. Each type of bone product is blessed in a different way to create a very responsive and adaptable amulet that will bring Saneah, wealth, business good fortune, protection and enchantment. This maker also never gives the ghosts name, which is typical with the Burmese system but you do have a photo to use to search him out. The important thing with this style is to connect and you can name him yourself once you have connected to the spirit within this piece. This works like a Nang Prai and feels like a potent piece. You couldn't get much more top prai in one amulet, that's for sure.
Measures 3" and comes with the kata of Ajarn Tay, but be sure to take time to connect to the piece. I would suggest that you light 15 incense to the land spirits as this enters the home so they open the way.

A stunning piece.

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A Fabulous and Potent Female Prai Amulet - Blessed by Mor Non LAST ONE

  • A Nang Prai is a female ghost amulet that has been blessed ina  specific way and is a bit like having a pliant lady ghost aiding your life. For attraction, wishes, money and protection.