This amulet was made six years ago because of a vision of a Mae Takian that came to a dream while Ajarn Phrot slept and he used the products from the tree in the dream because the tree is considered very haunted. Ajarn Phrot knew this because the locals already worship there for issues regarding work, money and love and they then return to make offerings and give merit.
The amulet is made from the dust from cutting a branch of this haunted tree that had been used for a suicide, which gives it extra potency. This wood dust was then mixed with the powder from chalk used to write magic on a coffin that contained a supernatural corpse on a night regarded as astrologically important. The amulet was blessed to invite the Takien spirit to divide herself into each amulet made, which is an important and often forgotten practice of old.

Praise this amulet for Saneah attraction, luck and good fortue, business wealth and also good for negotiation and you can also make general wishes to this special piece.

I adore the tree spirit amulets as they carry the power of nature itself, especially when coming from a Master Magician such as Ajarn Phrot as his work always has such mystery.

Measures 2.15" and comes with Ajarn's card and kata.

Classic work from Ajarn Phrot.


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A Superb Mae Takien Prai Amulet by Ajarn Phrot

  • I adore the tree spirit amulets as they carry the power of nature itself, and are often backed up by strong supernatural materials to boost her power. Mae Takien talismans help with attraction, enchantment and great fortune but is also known for granting wishes, helping lovers get together and holding them in love, just three aspects that explains why there are many Mae Takien shrines in Thailand. The area around these shrines always appear to have been recently swept as her spirit enjoys cleanliness close to where she resides.