This is the Luk Om Jet Phaya Chang San by Luang Phor Ding from 2490 to 2492, about 70 years ago and it is a very famous piece.

It was made from 7 dirts that have fallen from the Chedi of 7 different temples, dirts from a temple boundary pillar from 7 temples, the dirt from 7 main halls and then mixed with strong pong powders. They were all ground together, rolled into a ball and when the balls were dry they were covered in gold and blessed by Luang Phor Ding.

This piece is famous because of the story of his disciple, Suea Khow, a well known gangster that acquired his Kong Grapan immunity from this piece. Who ever owns this Luk Om is considered to have the power of the elephant King and has the protection against all harm. The simplicity of pieces like this makes them very wearable and I like powerful items that are innocent looking.

This Luk Om shines and I thought it was prai! It feels very strong but in a way that is usually found at famous Chredi's in Thailand, almost like it makes you very spaced out. I liked this piece so much i bought it despite the price asked, almost expecting it to be a top Pong Prai Kuman but this is potent Buddhist supernatural power and all the more impressive for it.

A nice size at 1.1" and comes with a card for authenticity in a lovely silver case.

I have kept one of these for the Metta that may be needed in the coming years.

Top Old Magic.

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A Super Rare Old Luk Om Amulet by Luang Phor Ding in silver

  • A Luk Om is simply a ball of active materials that brings various effects to the life of the bearer. Most are pure Buddhist magic but the ones with a real kick have prai, and they are both discreet and deceptively strong.