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The Phor Phaya Prai Male Panneng by Ajarn Apichai

These 5 pieces came from the skull top of a male who died in his mid 20's that had not been cremated. This makes a big difference to the power within. The scripting was devised by Ajarn to control and direct the power of this male athan material. He is brilliant at scripting.

These have a Muan Sarn of 7 Pong Prai Kuman, Pong Prai Nong Ping, Pong Prai from 7 graveyards,  along with the soil from 7 graveyards, and Wahn Saneah Jan. The hand made Pong content includes Pong Trinisinghae, Pong Maharat and Pong Ittijae.
There are three Takruts pressed in the mix - the Takrut with the Heart kata of Prai, a Takrut for the 4 elements, and the Takrut Huajai Itirit. These were blessed through the 4 elements and 32 parts of the body to create a new body to bring the power to protect the bearer, give warnings in the mind, avoiding danger, and being difficult to be seen by your adversary or enemy. This avoids harm from others as we enter difficult times because you will be difficult to see by the people who wish you harm. Panneng such as this are very strong and magically agile, which is useful for the coming astrology.

These are praised with raw pork, rice alcohol and light one incense. It is also good to dab rice alcohol on the amulet daily.

This will bring great magic to your life.

This measures 2.7" and comes with the card of Ajarn Apichai and a specific kata.

Classic Potent Magic.

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The Phor Phaya Prai Male Panneng by Ajarn Apichai - protection/warning

  • Panneng are the pieces of skull that we wear for various reasons as an amulet. They are regarded as one of the great sources of magic potency but are now difficult to find.

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