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The Phra Kampeng Kaew Pert Jakawaan by Ajarn Apichai
This translates as ‘The Crystal Walls Open the Universe’ and it has a very good Mercury Palaut in the bac for extra potency. The gold ones are from Kruba See Ong, and the silver ones are the small ones from the collection I got from Kruba U Wichaya. Two of the best sources for mercury amalgams there is. I have held the best and the very ordinary and these are excellent.
This has been made from a Muan Sahn of hand made Buddhist powders for magic through the writing of kata and chanting, which include Pong Ratana Maa Laa, Pong Ittijae, Pong Maharaat, Pong Tri Ni Singhae, and the Pong of the 16 Buddhas. Added to this was Wahn 108, powdered Lek Nam Phi ore, powdered 7 colour Leklai, powdered Leh Phra Sivali, Yaa Chinatmunee, powdered elephant bone, crushed old amulets.
Into this was pressed the Takrut Phra Jao Pert Lauk.
Phra Kampeng Kaew is the symbol of the 10 reincarnations of the Buddha, which is shown in the image on the front of the amulet. It is believed that whoever praises this amulet will have prosperity, be rid of hardship and enemies, and is protected from all dangers, all brought from the heavens. The amulet has 10 images of the Buddha in the act of opening the three realms of the Heaven, the Earth and the Underworld.

This was when the Buddha gave the sermon to all living things to be rid of hardship, illness and sadness, as well as bestowing good luck and fortune, bringing success to life and open the third eye. Having this amulet also brings virtue, prestige and an opening of the sense to feel the power of the spirits in the heavens. It also has the power of protection as if there are 10 layers of crystal walls around you to protect from danger and bring happiness and serenity. It is a rare and remarkable construction.

Measures 2.2" and comes with Ajarn Apichai's card and kata.

Magic for an enchanted life.

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The Crystal Walls Open the Universe Amulet by Ajarn Apichai

  • The knowledge carried by Ajarn Apichai makes him one of the great resources of magic in this region. His meticulous nature and his attitude towards the construction of magic is exactly why The Thai Occult 3 Book is solely about this fine magician.

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