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The Ong Kru Khun Paen Pluk Maha Toot Prai Amulet by Ajarn Apichai - in silver - to control Prai

There are only 10 of each of this series of Khun Paen amulets being made.

This Khun Paen is the third of the great Ong Kru versions made by Ajarn Apichai as he explores this Wicha through the work contained in The Thai Occult 3 book. A lot of current work originates from conversations about his magic in that book.

This has a Muan Sarn that contains the soils from 9 graveyards and 9 temples, the ashes from 9 crematoriums, Pong Prai Tai Hong from 9 bodies. It also has Pong Prai Tai Tang Glom, Nam Man Prai from a pregnant lady, powdered old Panneng, Pong Prai Nong Ping, bone from 7 Kuman, Pong Prai from Cambodia and Burma, and the ashes from 7 graveyards that act as a foundation to the magic.

To help bond this amulet Ajarn added Nam Man Prai Luk Krok, Nam Man Nong Ping, NMP Phom Hom, natural Nam Man Prai from a Takien tree, and NMP from blood.

The cloth on the back covered the body of a 14 year old who died in an accident. Pressed into the mix are the Takrut Pluk Prai and a Takrut that carries the Heart kata for Prai.

This was blessed from an old Wicha that originated from the story of Khun Paen where he calls on the army of the dead from the graveyard to help him fight.

This amulet has the power to make spirits follow you to bring success, provide protection, give warnings, avoiding dangers and to help control the Prai amulets you own, boosting their power and bringing efficiency. The amulet also eases making connection with all the forms of Prai in the home, and to keep the prai happy while at the same time, protecting the bearer from evil spirits.

There are a multitude of Prai sources within this piece because of its function.

For a person who has a birth chart that is unsuitable for Prai, this can help. A Khun Paen amulet also always helps bring Metta and Saneah attraction. It is remarkable how each of these Ong Kru have a specific feeling.

More stunning work from Ajarn Apichai that is now cased in a top quality silver amulet.

They don't get better than this.

Measures 2.1", and comes with the card and kata of Ajarn Apichai

Classic Thai Occult

PLEASE COPY THE LISTING WHEN BUYING as it might be the last one.

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Ong Kru Khun Paen Pluk Maha Toot Prai Amulet by Ajarn Apichai - to control Prai

  • Khun Paen was the warrior, womaniser and magician of legend. It was his story that carried the ways of magic of that time (the 1600's) forward through its telling. It is full of references to Panneng, Hoon Payon, enchantment, ghosts, baby roasting and more. Amulets to him generally have Prai and are made for Saneah, Authority, Protection and Enchantment, or a combination of one or all of those attributes.

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