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The Locket Luang Phor Charuay - Wai Kru Edition 2024

Ajarn Apichai made these for his Master and added the white gem for our ones, along with an extra blessing. This was the Wai Kru where Luang Phor blessed the Tamboon edition of The Thai Occult 3.
The Muan Sarn for this is mostly Wahn Yaa that has the power to lift the astrology and bring abundance. It contains the Gae Saa (hair) of Luang Phor himself, along with a coin for Bhairab (Phra Phirab). The Takrut is the Huajai Ratana Maa Laa.
This Wai Kru Edition represents the summoning or invitation of Prestige from all Kruba Ajarns including Luang Phor Charuay into this locket. This brings protection against dangers, luck and fortune, lifts your astrology to bring success, and it can also be used as the medium whereby his Luksits and those who learn magic can be close to Luang Phor. This is especially the case for those who learn the Luang Pu Suk Wicha, but it applies to anyone studying magic.
There was a list of items in this mix, which is huge and mostly consists of strange and wonderful herbal elements from the recipes of Luang Pu Suk, the Tai Yai, and various ancient Wicha.

This measures 2" and comes with the card and kata of LP Charuay

Remarkable Magic from an old Master.

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The Locket Luang Phor Charuay - Wai Kru Edition 2024

  • Ajarn Apichai had been searching for a Master of the lineage of Luang Phor Suk for a long time, and he was passed to Luang Phor Charuay by his astrology Master, Ajarn Jirat. Luang Phor Charuay accepted him immediately due to his astrology and the recommendation from Ajarn Jirat. He now holds the full Wicha and it has raised his abilities above Ajarn's expectations.
    Luang Phor is now 84 and we wish him a long life.

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