This is the Luk Sakot Pong Kraduk Phi from the legendary temple, Wat Po in Bangkok that has the huge reclining Buddha. It was made between 2483 and 2485 (around 80 years ago) and was blessed by Phra Ajarn Noo, who originally came from Surin and the locals thought of him as having great magical power. I bought these because they hark back to a time when top monks used the most potent materials to help the dead and the living, and these come from one of the most famous Thai Wats.

This was made during the war and Phra Ajarn Noo used his knowledge to help the lives that were lost during this time as they died before their natural life span. He used the bones of the dead of the war to make an amulet using their bone ashes to help them make merit to pass on to rebirth. He then added a herbal content and pressed it before blessing it to protect the bearer from danger and illness.

There were stories told that the people who received the amulets had strange experiences while traveling, with them saying that the felt like they were followed by a group of people and many successfully avoided the extreme dangers of that time. The amulet also helps with business, transactions and negotiations.

Measures 1.25" and comes with its old kata. I bought these uncased and didn't care about the price because they felt like rubbing the oily bones of a very potent ghost. I don't even care if it doesn't sell because the time is coming where we will all need protection.

Top Old Magic.

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The Pong Kraduk Phi Amulet from Wat Po in silver

  • A Luk Om is simply a ball of active materials that brings various effects to the life of the bearer. Most are pure Buddhist magic but the ones with a real kick have prai, and they are both discreet and deceptively strong.