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The Nang Long Prai Amulet by Ajarn Verataep - 2014

I love the classic work from Ajarn Verataep's 'great period', it is magnificent. One of my first amulets was from Ajarn, a Mae Per that was so strong I couldn't breathe.

This Nang Long Prai amulet is famous. There was an Ong Kru version of this that became very well known for incredible levels of protection, besides her usual Saneah and good fortune. One buyer from NYC had this amulet and lived next door to an aggressive drug dealer, who lunged at him to scare him when he complained about the noise of parties. He felt the amulet react but thought nothing of it. There was then a fire in the guys apartment that night and the firemen called the Police when they found drugs on the premises.

The imagery is the same but this is not the Ong Kru. I love how she is pressing against the plastic trying to get out, and each one is cased with an oil for saneah and a gem or two. I only have the orange cased and pink cased versions left and then there are no more.

Praise with sprays of perfume and the usual Prai offerings.

Measures 1.9" and comes with Ajarn Verataep's kata.

I love the old work of Ajarn Verataep.

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The Nang Long Prai Amulet by Ajarn Verataep - 2014

  • The bone source for this came from Nang Long, who died a prai death in an accident at a young age. Her remains have produced great amulets that bring benefits to their bearers and from that she earns merit. A classic amulet.

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