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The Prai Krasip by Phra Ajarn Supasit - foresight - 2017

This is my favourite Prai Krasip as it has such a sense of life and is easy to contact/be influenced by. It was released in 2017 and a few more have just been released by the temple! It's an awesome piece of work.
This was made using more than 10 types of Wahn for Saneah and good luck. It also contains a powdered version of the legendary product for wealth, Yaa Chinamunee, which was blessed for years. There are also soils from many graveyards that were collected by Phra Ajarn himself over a period of many years. The main Takrut in the back is the Na Mi Gin Mai Ru Sin, which brings endless both abundance and an association or linking with the mind. Below it is the Maet Makram seed for enchantment and 'otherness'. The whole assembly was blessed for 3 months with the Mon Saneah, Mon Stti, Maharat and Maha Niyom kata amoungst many others to bring the power for Metta Mahaniyom, luck, fortune and gambling. This is a superb Prai Krasip that is good for negotiations and raising the instincts. Krasip means to whisper in Thai and this is what this amulet does, but you have to 'tune in' to him. This can take time but it is worth the effort because this search raises our instincts and with that, our natural magic.
The Wicha for this type of amulet is one of the oldest in the system.

It measures 2.1" and comes with Phra Ajarn's card and kata.

You praise this amulet with rice wine and kata.

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The Prai Krasip by Phra Ajarn Supasit - foresight - 2017

  • The Prai Krasip is the whispering ghost that connects with us to warn us of good things and bad things approaching. Their imagery makes them both attractive and accessible to the modern tastes, through the use of a skull to portray the presence of this ghost. This ghost is considered to be a very stable entity that establishes a bond with the bearer and acts as a warning system for approaching luck, problems or danger. The other name these are known by is ‘The Whispering Ghost’ because of the way he works, the spirit whispers to you, not in the ear but in the mind.

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