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The Yant Pi Na Metta by Ajarn Apichai - Prai Magic for Lovers - 5

This has been made from a folded lead Yant plate that was inscribed with the Yant then filled with an old See Pung Prai Athan, which reputedly came from Phor Sala Tan. It has to be said that while being strong enough to be from him, we have nothing to verify the source. The jar shown in the third pic is certainly old enough.
The Yant is made from an Old Lanna Wicha for Saneah, and is made from lead as it is always good for magic and suits this function. Ajarn then added a single sheet of gold leaf to bring the shine to get through life and find the way through times of shadow and darkness. The Yant is use to bring love and desire from the people around you, and bind both you in their hearts and them to you. It can also be used to influence people to come to you, and bring people back together.
The addition of the See Pung Athan brings a great Saneah power to this piece. This Saneah will bring love and support from others, and Metta Mahaniyom from the people around you. It can be placed on top of a photo of your lover to influence them to come baack to you, and love you. The picture has to be a full body pic from head to toe.
It can be praised to bring a lover by holding the amulet and sitting near the bedhead. It will bring love and attachment from your sex partners, and it works for all sexes and genders.

Extremely unusual magic for love and a liberated life.

These measure 1.7" and come with Ajarn Apichai's card and kata.

More great work from Ajarn

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The Yant Pi Na Metta by Ajarn Apichai - Prai Magic for Lovers

  • Takruts have exceptional power. They hold the spell for activating an amulet and are underestimated. It is my intention to have Ajarn Tui make a range of very unusual Takruts for specific magic that we all need.

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