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A Chanuan Phra Ngang by Ajarn Apichai - for protection

This is an extremely unusual amulet, but Ajarn chose to make this with a Chanuan as it was a better choice for the magic he wanted to offer the bearer. He wanted Universal attributes, so added a Universal amount of magic through the metals used.

To make this Chanuan Phra Ngang, Ajarn Apichai used many metals like copper, bronze or brass in his work that came as old sheets that have a Yantra applied by his Kruba Ajarn. It also contains blessed lead plates that were made from fishing weights that had magic applied, gold that came from his teacher from what was left after making a Kuman Thong, and from the making of a Buddha statue for a Wat. A few types of Mercury were also included, such as a Palaut Gin Thong, and a large lump of Leklai Ngun Yuang, the water element Leklai.

The process of making a Chanuan is ruled by kata, which is similar to making some forms of Yants that have a blessing at each step. This was an ancient way to result in an amulet that can absorb malicious intent, curses and the spiritual attacks that can damage the body and hinder our progress. In this was it reduces obstacles, clears bad energies, and even calms the hot tempered. Like all Ngangs it bring charm, lovers, steadies relationships, brings support, avoids dangers and brings Kong Grapan. The Universal attributes of this piece also includes good fortune, brings food and can even be put into the water that is given to plants.

I love how each seems to have a character of its own.
Measures 2.35” and comes with Ajarns card and kata.

Highly unusual Magic.

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A Chanuan Phra Ngang by Ajarn Apichai

  • A Chanuan is a mix of metals, the recipe for which is chosen by the Ajarn and is dependant on what he requires from the talisman being made.

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