Phrakham are the strings of 108 beads that are used to both count kata and there are some that are a form of amulet themselves, thus providing a dual purpose. This is one such example and it is from the Samnak of the mighty Ajarn Suea in Chiang Mai!

These Phra Kham are made from Iron Pyrites, which is a 'Leh' in Thai, an ore of iron and all ores of iron can carry the charge of a Leklai and bring strong protection to the bearer, much in the way say adding meteorite would but this is mined and has the natural ability to push away negative forces and protect. I have never had these before and the blessing provides a real kick to them. The weight is good and they have been coated to stop things getting dirty but the first time you wear them, please don't wear white. Check them out first.

There is a kata for this magic from a bygone age and they can also be used to count other kata to build a body of magic within the beads themselves. The strength of these grow with use and they have an extra blessing from Ajarn.

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Superb Iron Pyrites Phrakham Beads by Ajarn Suea

  • There are many forms of these sets of 108 beads that include stone, metal, assemblies of herbs, various forms of wood and even magical forms of iron ore, which can even bring other attributes to the function of counting kata.