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The Phra Pidtaa with the Relic Remains of Luang Pu Toh in a beautiful gold plated silver case.

LP Toh ordained as a monk at the age of 20 in 1907 at Wat Pradu and was especially interested in enchantment magic, while still preserving his Dharma studies. He learned from the greatest monks of his day, which included Luang Pu Suk, and he took great joy going on Tudong after each Buddhist Lent throughout the 74 years he spent as a monk.

Luang Pu was renowned for his meditation skills, as well as his Phra Pidtaa amulets, and this one was made after his death in 2535 using both his bone and hair. It is a classic of its type.

It was sold as a set of two amulets, one with two gold Takruts and a smaller one with two silver ones. This is the Phra Pidtaa with gold, which is beautifully cast, and the Na on the back is for Metta. This amulet also brings Metta Mahaniyom for popularity, and the ability to repel negative forces through the power of the remains of Luang Pu Toh.

With this containing the relic bones of an Arahant monk, it is treated like a lower level Phra Thaat and goes on the deity altar, not with the Prai.

This is an important amulet.

Measures 2" in its fine gold plated silver case and comes with the Namo Dtassa kata.

Exceptional Magic.

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The Phra Pidtaa with the Relic Remains of Luang Pu Toh

  • The relics from famous monks carry great power, especially where that monk produced Phra Thaat, and was a highly revered Arahant from the Forest tradition. With this containing the bone of Luang Pu Waen, the attribute of Metta is off the scale and the chance to get items such as this is rare. This amulet contains his ashes from his Royal Sponsored Funeral that was attended by King Rama 9.

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