CANDLE MAGIC by Ajarn Suea

This is a very affordable way to purchase candle magic, which I adore. I do not sell the candles themselves due to weight and the cost of them would end up being close to the cost of having Ajarn Suea burn the candle for you and send its effects your way. This would be outside his Samnak but he is far better at these things than we are and I have had excellent results from this affordable way of influencing our fate and the way life affects us.

Candles are available for

Serm Duang to refresh the lines of fate

Noon Duang to lift your good fortunes

Sadoh Koh - to turn around a period of bad luck

Maha Saneah to make people attracted to you

For good business and more. Basically, if you have a problem, candle magic can fix it as there's thousands of type but if your problem is usual, the price will be greater because of the work involved.

All we need is your photograph, full name and date of birth and then photographs or small videos of the ritual can be provided after. It is important to be able to mentally accept this ritual and you will be generally given the day that it will be undertaken in Thailand, which is decided on using astrology, auspicious days and times, etc

Pay through the site and send the details we need via an email and I will pass it on to Ajarn to find out the day it will be done.

Please also note that the site automatically charges $10 in postage so I have adjusted the total price accordingly.

Candle Magic by Ajarn Suea