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Phra Ajarn O studied Wicha with Luang Phor Pina and these Dao are made from crushed original Dao by Luang Phor! The original Dao are very old style versions from Wat Takoey, the temple before LP Pina built Wat Sanomlao and date from the early 70's. This is before LP Pina made his classic Mae Nua Hom Dao so in addition to the crushed old Dao, Phra Ajarn O has added extra herbs and Mae Nua Hom wax, as well as a special, almost mythical substance that is ‘easy to see but hard to get’, and was sourced from 7 pieces, from 7 places of 7 sources.

As with most Dao, this has the 5 point star on one side and an 8 point star on the other with various stones in between each star. There are three versions of this Dao, yellow, grey and black and the colours denote the quantity of Mae Nua Hom oil in the Dao, because that oil is both very rare and extremely expensive. I have the grey version and the yellow there isn't much difference in power or cost so am selling them for the same price. Please let me know which you want, the yellow or the grey and as they are both good, go with your colour preference or feeling.
Making this star followed both the teachings of Luang Phor Pina as well as many teachers and were in the hands of Phra Ajarn O for a long time before release. The star is akin to the star a person wishes on that acts like a light in a dark night, always shining. The Dao also helps in finding ways to solve problems and support the bearer as well as giving charm to them.
Phra Ajarn O grew special herbs near to his room (as these can be dangerous to others due to them absorbing life force), and he then prepared them and bathed them in moonlight for 7 months. He also added Waan Dok Thong to sexually arouse those around the bearer to complete the magic within these items. They refresh and enhance the spirit and few now hold the correct Wicha for the Dao from the Wicha of Luang Phor Pina, who made some of the greatest magical talismans Thailand has ever produced (along with original pieces from LP Timm).

I have had these silver cased and they are magnificent.

Measures 2" in the fine silver case.

Exceptional amulets.

Fabulous Mae Nua Hom Dao in Silver by LP Pina and Phra Ajarn O

  • The Dao is the Star in the heavens and the amulets made as Dao bring highly beneficial things to life. This wicha was made famous by LP Pina, who often used very strong Prai in these items to bring great good fortune to life.