I tried not to sell the heavy stuff but man, I was getting bored as I love it. Sometimes, decomposition gets in the way of a good amulet so with these, the fingers of a dead female accident victim were ground up to make a new set of fingers with added earths and muan sarn. LAST 2.

This is classic Ajarn Krit and they come with hassle free post and will not have the possibility of raising any eyebrows on the way to the buyer. The use of fingers is ancient in the Thai Occult system because of the easy way to direct the power of the ghost. These can come from any supernatural source but the role changes with age. Men's fingers are damned strong and for influencing or hurting people, ladies fingers are for money, sex, and attraction, and when from young people they are for gambling, great fortune and windfall luck. These amulets have exactly the right feeling for good finger amulets, they have a real sense of life too. The tops have been gilded and has a red nail added and this really works to both display the talisman well and the ghost obviously adores the gold. Adding gold in this way also brings good fortune to the mix because finger amulets from a female source like this are for influencing others by pointing. They are for capturing lovers and influencing people in anyw way you wish once the connection has been made. As is always the case with ghosts, tthe bargains are struck using Merit as a currency and this type of body product are legendary in their role.

Measures 2.6" in their fine silver cases, which is a beautiful size and it is super potent. Love the photos of the hand but I am sure that is just an example or Ajarn would have used those fingers in amulets due to value.

Heavy prai makes me happy.

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Finger Amulets from a Phi Tai Hong by Ajarn Krit Payak Last 2

  • The HEAVY PRAI  category has items that are made from the top prai materials in the old fashioned way. So expect to see bone, top Panneng and fleshy parts of the body, or oils made from weird sources.