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The Ong Kru Petpayatorn Prai Amulet by Ajarn Apichai - love and sex 2016

I recently found some old stock of Ajarn Apichai and this came out the year I first met him to interview him for the Sak Yant book. This is the Ong Kru version.

The mix on the back consists of a crazy mix of Muan Sarn for Metta and Maha Saneah, such as Wahn Saneah Jan Hom, Wahn Sao Long, Wahn Dok Thong Yoni and Tao Wahn Long, as well as many others. Pressed into this mix were three Takrut, with one being the Na Maha Saneah for both males and females seeking the opposite sex, the second Takrut is Saneah for those wanting the same sex and the last takrut calls to their minds and their hearts for love and sex. This last Takrut also brings great fortune to you and your partners.

What makes this amulet very special is that large chunk of Panneng from a good looking man who died in an accident.
This locket is great for Saneah and being flirtatious, with an aim being to help single people to find love. It can also bring love and happiness to anyone in a relationship, as well as love and support from those around you. It raises sexual desire, attraction and aids negotiations through the support of angels and spirits. Those angels and spirits also bring protection in all its forms, including against enemies, black magic, curses and all dangers, while bringing luck fortune, success and prestige.

A Classic amulet that measures 2.3" and comes with Ajarns card and a specific kata.

Classic Prai Magic.

Please copy the listing as it gets removed after selling out.

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THE LAST Ong Kru Petpayatorn Prai Amulet by Ajarn Apichai - love and sex 2016

  • Petpayatorn is how it is pronounced (Phetphayatorn in Thai), and he is like the deity for love, sex and having great joy in the physicality of love making.  He is one of Ajarn Apichai's favourite deities, mainly because of his inate Saneah.

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