Leklai Watcharathaat for kids

Leklai is a legendary substance and there has been an amazing response from the people who have tried the Leklai that was needed to balance their elements within, and now we are supplying Leklai for kids. Ajarn Apichai adored this idea because of the merit involved when helping young people have a better life and with the emails we have received about the effect on older people having kids starting with this is inspiring.

Leklai Watcharathaat does not carry a specific element but helps all. Its main purpose is to calm the mind and help with Samathi and their general focus but also offers the usual avoidance of dangers and invincibility that all forms of Leklai bring.

With being for kids the way this is worn or used depends on their age. If young, just put the amulet under their pillow and a choice of cord should be up to the parents or person buying the piece as it is they who should be responsible for accidents, allergies etc. The parent can also say the kata for the child when close to them and put a glass of water down near the amulet when not on their person.

The only time this receives a direct offering is on an important Buddhist day and once or twice a year is fine, it then gets a small amount of honey next to it. After saying kata you can ask it to help with what the type of help that that Leklai provides.

These are smaller amulets at around 1.3". All the Leklai used has great energy and will help the young person. It comes with the Heart kata for Leklai, which cannot be written down but can be sent as a recording. It is taboo to write down that kata.

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Leklai Watcharathaat For Kids from Luang Phor Somporn

  • We have been researching Leklai for 3 years and are finally close to an understanding to the point where we can offer it to devotees of the Thai Occult and beyond with the correct understanding. There is too much lore with Leklai, especially regarding its sources and the legends that surround its collection. These legends have clouded the understanding of the substance and lead to much confusion, when at its heart it is an incredibly useful substance.
    Each form of Leklai carries a single element either of Na - water, Ma - earth, Pa - fire, and Ta - air or a combination of any or all of them and each type brings different attributes above the Klaew Klaat impenetrable skin and Kong Grapan invincibility that is in all Leklai. This mysterious substance is becoming very difficult to find but we can now offer top pieces from Luang Phor Somporn, who has been very helpful in understanding this reclusive and misunderstood material. Top Leklai should shimmer on photos and be difficult to focus on. It is mysterious and is now rare because there are few who can work with it correctly. More will follow with interviews on Leklai in the future but for now if we can perceive that it has a spirit and feels otherworldly, it is a good Leklai.
    Leklai has a deva within and is for boosting the elements that may be lacking or low in the body to create a balance. To get the correct Leklai we have to check your elements through your astrology via Ajarn Apichai and he will tell you which of the varieties is the most suitable for the buyer. We are hoping that the future interviews will help the worldwide understanding of Leklai but I have been testing out the one most suited to me and am very impressed. I have balanced elements so could have used the one that lifts them all but Ajarn Apichai recommended the fire and water elements, fire to raise the health and Amnat authority and a Water one for great fortune, Metta and to cool the emotions. Besides those two, the wind element is for a recycling of the energy and Serm Baramee (a raise in social status) but that Leklai is rare and I only have a few. The Leklai most people know is for the earth element and is generally black, which brings a good foundation to life along with the usual Klaew Klaat and Kong Grapan attributes.
    Regarding care, these items just need a glass of fresh water each day and kata, no need for incense for these but can still use for other items close by. These are placed on a deity altar or deity level so they face East or North and actually only need food rarely as the resident angel in these can find their own or join in eating any fruit offered to the altar. The only time this receives a direct offering is on an important Buddhist day and once or twice a year is fine, it then gets a small amount of honey next to it. After saying kata you can ask it to aid life with the type of help that that Leklai provides.