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Luang Pu Timm's Khun Paen from Wat Lahanrai - 2012

In Thai Occultism, one eye is always on the past and the continuation of the magic.

Luang Pu Timm's Khun Paen from the mid 1970's are some of the greatest amulets ever made, and some of the most expensive too. Because of this his original temple will periodically release a new batch to support their work and use some of the original materials. This includes his Buddhist pong powders from the writing of magic, and some of his original Pong Prai Kuman, which is undertsandably legendary. They use the original block to produce them, which has variations of the 5 Buddha's Yant on the back.  This is the lower grade release that has the collection of pong's but here has a red gem and a small piece of leklai too. It is still good and the price is silly becaise it was new at the original temple price from 2012.

The offerings are just kata and water every day and cooked rice once per week. You can also offer the traditional red Fanta but in these items, the spirit has been moved on to leave some of the most potent Pong Prai Kuman ever made. LP Timm followed an ancient Wicha and chose his child carefully, to the point where sparks were reputedly coming out from the pestle and mortar when the bones were being ground down.
This is great for Saneah attraction and Metta from people around you and easing the passage of life through love, good fortune and business success.

Measures 2.3", and comes with the card and kata of Ajarn Tui.

Classic Thai Occultism.

PLEASE COPY THE LISTING WHEN BUYING as it might be the last one.

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Luang Pu Timm's Khun Paen from Wat Lahanrai - 2012 - with his Pong Prai Kuman

  • Khun Paen was the warrior, womaniser and magician of legend. It was his story that carried the ways of magic of that time (the 1600's) forward through its telling. It is full of references to Panneng, Hoon Payon, enchantment, ghosts, baby roasting and more. Amulets to him generally have Prai and are made for Saneah, Authority, Protection and Enchantment, or a combination of one or all of those attributes.

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