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An Original Phra Pong Klip Bua Amulet by Luang Pu Waen 1973

It is often the case where a door opens when finding something special, which is the case here. These amulets came shortly after we found his bone powder and his chewed betel amulets, the latter of which sold very quickly. This is something else entirely, one of his original amulets that were blessed by this legendary monk. The ingredients are listed simply as 'holy powders', which would generally include the Pong products that are produced via a process to create magic. They certainly feel that way, and when I say 'they', yes, I managed to get 3 that have never been used.

Luang Pu Waen is famous for his instant blessings: able to give all his potency in seconds rather than through lengthy rituals. He was a reclusive and incredibly dedicated follower of Luang Pu Man, spending most of his life in the forest and only settling at a Wat after the age of 62 to spend his last 23 years in more comfort. The other incredible thing about this is that I also had the Phra Thaat of Luang Pu Waen, which I have now passed on to Ajarn Apichai as it feels better that a Thai Arahant monk should be with another dedicated magician. Following this, I even went to pay my respects at his old temple a few hours north of Chiang Mai, which was astonishing.

The feeling of this piece is both exceptional and angelic.
Having this amulet will mean that everywhere you go there will be love, support and Metta to protect the bearer from dangers. Whoever wishes you harm will have a change of heart and want you as a friend instead.

Measures 1.9" in its fine gold plated silver case and comes with the Namo Dtassa kata.

Exceptional and mysterious magic from a high source.

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LAST Original Phra Pong Klip Bua Amulet by Luang Pu Waen 1973

  • There have been many utterly incredible monks in Thailand's history and to have the amulets made by them can be a life changing experience. The experience of these amulets can also change over time as the spirit of the monk can continue to grow through the merit sent to him.

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