I have just cleared the storerooms of Ajarn Verataep and I found these potent pieces from his classic period of work around 8 years ago (2555) when he was at the height of his popularity. It is an exceptional piece of Thai Occultism and was very surprised that Ajarn still had these.

This is his amulet to the Luk Krok Meow and perhaps the funkiest version of this type of magic ever made. The LKM is made from a cat that never tasted life outside the womb and is an amulet that brings great fortune and strong protection to the bearer, like having your own personal little Tiger. This amulet is made of ground up Luk krok Meow that has been mixed with a setting agent and then cast into these metallic painted cat fetus shapes with red gem eyes and applied Akhara. They are fabulous.

The work of Ajarn Verataep is exceptional because of his psyche and he brings that rock solid focus to every piece of work he does. I have found some of his amulets from this period to be so heavy to wear but all of them deliver what is promised, making him one of my all time favourite makers.

These measure 2.5" and come with Ajarns kata.

I now only have two, so please check the photos as to which one you would like.

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Luk Krok Meow Amulets by Ajarn Verataep

  • This is an ancient form of amulet that uses the fetus of a cat that has never tasted life. The Thais believe that cats have huge Metta and bring great fortune and the spell to make these dates back to ancient times.