This is a fine item. Phra Ajarn O actually studied with LP Pina as a young monk and stayed at Wat Sanomlao and acquired the knowledge of how to construct a Dao amulet. This has been made from crushed old Dao amulets that were made at Wat Takoey in the early 1970's by LP Pina that were given to him by Luang Phor. Phra Ajarn O has then added Mae Nua Hom prai and various herbs to make the power to his liking and the yellow colour in this series of work show the amount of the famous Mae Nua Hom that they hold. Mae Nua Hom as one of the top prai components of the Dao of LP Pina and it came from a nun who died by accident.

As usual, these have a 5 pointed star on one side and an 8 pointed star on the other and Phra Ajarn has added some very nice stones and added the script 'Na Cha Li Tee' one of the components of the classic LP Pina kata that brings good fortune. The Dao amulet searches for good fortune in the stars for the bearer and they are legendary. These are beautiful pieces.

Superb for luck, attraction and wishes.

Measures 1.75" and they come in silver cases with Ajarn's personal kata and are highly recommended. Released around 3 years ago.

Mae Nua Hom Dao Amulets in silver by Phra Ajarn O

  • The Dao is the star of fortune in Thai Occultism and the Dao of Luang Phor Pina are legendary. These amulets look to the heavens to bring luck and good fortune to the bearer.

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