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This is something phenomenal that was mine, and here's an interview on this legendary substance from my book on The Thai Occult.

A Talisman made by Prai.
Near Mae Hong Son there was a monk called Kruba Mai Hong, and he made a very special See Pung using the body of a Phi Tai Tong Glom, a lady who died while pregnant. Kruba found a very good looking man and got him to dig up the corpse. This man then sat behind the body and held its hands to mix a See Pung in a monks bowl so while it does not contain Prai, it has a Prai spirit within it because the Phi Tai Tong Glom ghost effectively made it. The lady had to die while holding her first-born in her stomach and that firstborn had to be a son to fulfil the demands of this rare Wicha. Even though the See Pung only has Wahn and many herbs, the feeling is that the ghost is very present and she can be called upon at any time. A See Pung like this has never been made again as the process is both challenging and dangerous and the ones here from a disciple of the old monk who died about 60 years ago.
This See Pung cannot be used on anyone unless it is OK that he or she will spend their life together with the devotee, so it is best never to touch this balm. The person who has this amulet can only ask for either one of two wishes, and that is it, then the wish never changes. The wish can be either for good business or love, but Ajarn Ting does not recommend it for love as the bearer may get swamped (Ajarn Ting sold me this amulet and it is him holding it). The See Pung from Kruba Mai Hong was made a long time ago and is a legendary substance, which is due to its potency and the fact that this was made from a Wicha that has been lost.

The See Pung is usually sold in a quantity akin to the head of a match in size, it is that strong, but here it has filled a small silver box. The ghost who made this See Pung may come to the dreams of the bearer, but the relationship between the ghost and the substance is not the same as any usual Prai amulet. She likes to be fed regularly and have fresh water and one sweetly scented incense every day. She also likes perfume and sometimes, when things go well, apply some gold leaf to the case, which gives the amulet a real kick. This is one of my favourite amulets. It is astonishing.
The See Pung is considered to be a Prai because it was made by Prai, even though there is no Prai in it. The great thing about the prai items like this is that there's no kata. Just light a single incense and connect to her with your mind, which is very easy indeed. It is a very rare item and I have one of these, it is one of my favourite amulets.

The silver boxes measure 0.9" without the ring. This was my own amulet of this and it is cased in 98% pure gold. The original price of these was $375 before the sale so I am passing this on pretty much at cost (or the gold is free) because I have just acquired another amulet that contains this remarkable substance.

Ajarn Tay also just gave me a few medals for Kruba Mai Hong, one of which I will include in this sale as it is good to have his image.

My See Pung MADE by a Ghost by Kruba Mai Hong in a Gold Case

  • The use of the bones and products derived from ladies who died while pregnant is one of the strongest sources of supernatural power within the Thai Occult system - and this is a very rare example of an amulet that uses this ghost.

  • I offer a 30 days return policy with a refund on receipt of the item but for some items I cannot do that as they need blessing again by the maker, some of whom I do not know personally. This is a problem with spiritual items but I will always endeavor to help where I can.