The use of mercury in this region goes back to ancient times and this is one of the oldest wicha for it. This is a Bia Gae amulet and they come from very old stock from the dealer for Phra Ajarn O. The amulet consists of a cowrie shell that has to have 32 'teeth' at the opening to tally with the components of the human body in Thai Buddhism.

The Thai magicians have a blessing that can remove the poison from mercury and therefore, I have watched videos of them pouring mercury into the shell via a crease on their palm, which actually looks like the shell is sucking it in. The shell has then been very well sealed, a Takrut added and then it has been edged with silver, so there is no plastic case on this. This will result in the script wearing off in time and part of the pattern too but the patina this brings can be astonishing. One of the amazing things with these is the feeling when it is gently shook as the mercury moves slower and in a heavier fashion than we expect.

The Bia Gae is for extreme protection in all its forms. I would also suggest that this should be worn round the neck so it gets chance to work in the centre of the chest to absorb bad things in the body. It is the focus of where the good or bad things enter the body, renewing the health and restoring the power of the life force.

These are astonishing pieces that measure around 1.75" with their silver edging and come with Phra Ajarns card and kata. From 8 year old stock, as can be seen by the card sent with the amulet.

Ancient Thai Wicha.

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Old Bia Gae Amulets with Mercury by Phra Ajarn O in silver

  • The practices of using Mercury to aid the life in this region dates back before recorded history and has use with both Thai and Burmese Wicha. Both Thai and Burmese magicians can do remarkable things with this supernatural metal but their purpose is usually different.