These small statues of Yaa herbal mixtures are being offered uncased so they can be used in the Burmese way for cleanses and baths but if anyone wants one cased, just ask because they are also of benefit when worn. These are from the Tai Yai Forest Temple North of Chiang Mai that makes the best Mercury Bees and currently, the best Miit Mhor knives in the country but there is a long queue for them at this time.

A Yaa is a special Burmese mixture of herbs that has a strict proceedure for production and if it strays even a tiny bit, it is useless and is thrown away, it cannot be re-used. The monks at this temple have been trained by a renowned Tai Yai magician and he has given them a lot of an original Yaa from his lineage, which is a traditional action to aid his Luksits. He also provides them with their mercury as that can only be blessed by a highly experienced practitioner.
This Yaa is from the lineage of the monks and is being sold to support the temple at this time. It can be  used in two ways, either for spiritual baths to support your life and keep you spiritually clean (which I recommend at this time) or as an item worn and left on the altar. If you use for a bath, please follow the saying 'a flea for an army', in that you need the smallest amount you can use and directions will be given on how to prepare the baths. Not only was this Yaa created by a high magician of old but it has been blessed by each generation of the lineage that followed and these have been blessed by the monks at the temple too. It is rare to find these. If ground into water, it can be used as a bath or sprinkled around the place of business to help with its success and wherever it is used, it purifies and brings good attributes.

If you praise it and keep your precepts the angels will come to bless and protect you to bring all the good things in life. Whoever carries the Yaa will be loved and supported by the people around you, and by the spirits as well. Burmese magic such as this needs pure offerings, enjoying green bananas, unopened coconuts, pineapple as a fruit, sweet smelling flowers, scents, and a jar of honey on the altar. Praising Burmese/Tai Yai items has a simple beauty that astounds.

Exceptional pieces of spiritual work that measures 1.5" uncased and uses the Namo Dtassa chant. Of course, the price is for each and I am lucky to find these from a good source.

Burmese Wicha is renowned for its potent herbal mixtures and the blessings the maker can give. This amulet is a testament to that statement.

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Old Burmese Yaa from the Tai Yai Forest Temple

  • Burmese Magic is mysterious and strange and currently very popular as it brings changes to life that we cannot explain. It is famous for its Yaa mixtures, which are combinations of rare plants and specific rituals that can take many months but produce something exceptional. These mixtures are handed down through the generations of Masters that follow.