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After selling some of my bucha from Ajarn Suea, he said that he can start making statues to order for visitors to Thailand. When I sell bucha I have to carry them to the UK to post due to restrictions here but carrying them in your bag saves all that, as well as postage AND Ajarn charges you direct, avoiding much of my profit.

He can make anything to any size but is very special at Phra Ngang, Mae Per, the Lersi and ghost bucha, all made using supernatural woods. My latest huge Lersi bucha we made from a mango tree that grew on a termite mound but not termites infested or went into the tree. There are many forms of magical woods and the use of them depends on both their species and the statue being made.

A good bucha can make an altar come alive and Ajarn Suea makes some of the best I have found. I have put down $200 as a price but it really depends on size and what is put under the statue. This is an average of the costs he charges for hand carved, spiritually active statues made to order.

Will attach a few pics of the ones I have bought and instead of buying here now, let's chat first via a message on the contact page and I can work out a price.

Best wishes,

Pete Jenx

Order a Bucha from Ajarn Suea

  • Bucha are statues that are spiritually active and contain supernatural materials. The wood should also be special and there are dealers in Thailand who provide woods that have died what is known as a 'prai death'. Ajarn Suea tends to source his own and uses a local man to carve the bucha to save costs.
    This is a bespoke service and it is recommended that you order any bucha around 2 months before you visit Thailand.