The power of Takruts are greatly underestimated and they can be made for very specific jobs, which are needed by pretty much all of us. I have asked Ajarn Tui to fill the gaps in the magical arsenal offered on this site and this one was produced in small numbers on an astrologically significant day and blessed on multiple occasions while in Sompoi water.

The site is about to offer a range of amulets for kids, which starts with this one. This is a small silver Takrut with the Wicha of the ogre Pureesart, that is often seen in the form of Sak Yant. In the Lanna beliefs, young children need to be protected as the new life attracts malicious and mischievoud spirits and this banishes all types of ghosts. It is generally the first amulet worn here and is an ancient spell that keeps the child free of spiritual attachments.

Ajarn Tui is brilliant at this type of work.

A fine piece spiritual work in pure silver measures 0.9" in its lovely red plastic case. The ring at the top is chromed so care may need to be taken with the childs skin but this can also be tied round the wrist. There is a simple kata, which is said by the parent holding the baby or while being with the young child. I will not include a cord with this unless requested as the parent should choose the safest option.

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Silver Takruts for Kids by Ajarn Tui - to protect them from ghosts

  • Takruts have exceptional power. They hold the spell for activating an amulet and are underestimated. It is my intention to have Ajarn Tui make a range of very unusual Takruts for specific magic that we all need.