Luang Pu Nong produced some of the greatest Lersi amulets ever made towards the end of his long life with the help of some of the remaining monks of his generation. They were all in their late 80's and early 90's and their work was of national interest because these were the last of the great generation. Luang Pu Nong produced the best 9 face Lersi bucha you can find at this session, which went on for days because it takes time to bring the high Lersi into bucha, amulets as here, in cloths.

This is the middle range release of his magnificent 108 Lersi Pha Yant that were block printed and have the temple stamps. It is huge at 84" long and 36" wide and would hang beautifully in the home if a rod is added to the top and bottom. This size of Pha Yant is rare and even more so when from one of the great generation of monks who have now all passed away.

Once hung, the folds will naturally fall out of this to leave a magnifent Pha Yant to protect the home, bring authority and raise the prestige of the owner. The name also suggests that this was made to teach the devotee and allow access to the Lersi themselves.

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Stunning 84" Lersi Song Kru Pha Yant by Luang Pu Nong 2016

  • A Pha Yant is simply a magical construction on cloth that can be hung in the home or folded and placed in a pocket, depending on size and function. There are a few good ones that are printed but the best are drawn by hand and blessed by the Master who made it. The top ones are on corpse cloth and are very potent indeed.