This incredible Panneng by Ajarn Krit projects its energy because it comes from a top source. This forehead Panneng come from an accident victim called Wanvimon who was just 28 when she died and was pregnant at the time. The death of pregnant ladies brings huge power to any item as in effect it is the death of two people in one event.

This Panneng has been cut fresh and has not been cremated, which vastly increases its strength and it is simply beautiful. There is a translucent quality to this Panneng that is other worldly and it carries a Yant Na for wealth, while the back is simply gold leafed. This was blessed in a graveyard and will really deliver the goods - it is high and potent magic.

Panneng such as this are rare as you have the access to the ghost by knowing her name, which gives great advantages when working together. Amulets such as this are a good ally in life once the proper connections have been made and she enjoys merit as well as offerings such as perfume, flowers, raw meat and alcohol. It is now rare to find this type of Panneng and they are in great demand.

The amulet measures 2.4" in its fine silver case and has no kata, just connect, make offerings and off you go.

Stunning Forehead Panneng of a Named Pregnant Lady Ghost in Silver

  • Panneng are made up of spiritually active piece of skull and their use dates back to ancient times when they were either worn as a belt buckle or even a vest with the sections attached to each other using corpse hair.

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