The Taa Phran family of deities is from Southern Thai magic and this is the best known type known as Phran Boon, but this is the Golden version of him from Phor Than Khiao, a legendary South Thai Monk. The Phran family is quite unlike other deities and seem more like potent land spirits that have been raised to deities. They are firmly rooted in the Southern Thai traditions and culture and are currently very popular for great fortune in Thailand.

This one has been cast from potent spiritual materials and have then had real gold and silver Takruts pressed in - and you can see the thumb print. These were then painted, fully blessed and cased by this elderly monk, who is a Master of Southern magic. This is an oddly potent piece that has life and this form of magic needs thoroughly investigating.

These are for great fortune and have a kata. I have numbers 85 and 78 and they have been silver cased but will also be sent with the original case for authenticity.

Measures 1.45" and a classic example of South Thai Wicha.

Ancient magic.

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Superb Ong Kru Gold Taa Phran Amulet by Phor Than Khiao in silver

  • The Taa Phran family of deities is from Southern Thai magic and they form the centre of an ancient belief system that is still practiced to this day.