This piece is particularly suitable for a person who always faces bad fortune, difficulties, unsuccessful wishes, misfortune, problems and obstacles, bad people and bad situations because the inclusion of this mystical substance will improve your fate to bring happiness, changing difficulties to good things. In Thailand, people believe that the meteorite has absorbed the magic of the universe and is from a faraway sky, bringing a supernatural quality from beyond the Earth. Meteorite is a lucky item that will bring good fortune to the owner by supporting the destiny to be above bad luck, a bad life and difficult Karma. It also has the power to protect from black magic and malicious actions and it is rare to find in amulets.

While this amulet gained most of its power from the blessing of Phra Ajarn O, he also had a group of 9 monks chant various high kata to the Buddha (which included the 12 legends chant) on 9 consecutive days. This brought extra attributes to the Phra Pidtaa such as charm, good business, and expanding the lifetime together with your chosen partner.

There is a plethora of useful attributes in this classic old piece from Phra Ajarn O. He states that the bearer will not be faced with accidental death, disaster or become insolvent. The amulet even closes the way for bad karma to affect the life because the Pidtaa will not allow misfortune, sadness and danger to affect the life in disasterous ways. This amulet is a classic piece of work from Phra Ajarn O.

This measures 1.25" and comes with the makers card and kata.

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The 12 Legends Meteorite Phra Pidtaa Ong Kru Amulet by Phra Ajarn O

  • There are many ways to bring the quality of serm duang, which is the cycling of the lines of fate and good fortune. This attribute is primarily from a Rahu talisman but there are many ways to bring this useful magical attribute into a persons life.