Leklai amulets that have been blessed by top monks are now very rare indeed so this 5 year old stock fills the void for these items as Leklai needs a high magician, one capable of accessing the higher realms. The legendary Kruba Kampeng fills the role of the top magician needed to produce good Leklai and these are wonderful pieces.
This amulet was blessed for many months to give it the full power of protection, good fortune, wealth, invulnerability, stopping guns firing, repelling ghosts and black magic - all the things that a good Leklai can bring. While no description was given, I would suggest that this has been made using a good cave Leklai that has been powdered and recast with the image of the 9 Tail Fox, which has turned out wonderfully. As the back was plain, I decided to spend the money and cover the back in silver, which has worked out beautifully and these will age beautifully.

These are now rare items. Good Leklai is becoming very difficult to find.

Measures 1.95" and comes with the Namo Dtassa chant.

I love the magic top monks can create when given the opportunity.

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The 9 Tail Fox Leklai Amulet by Kruba Kampeng in silver

  • Leklai is one of the legendary substances used in The Thai Occult practices and there appears to be many types. Some are metallic and have good weight, and some are light, almost like a weird form of jet and a lot more work needs to be done on this subject.