The 9 Tail Fox Amulet by Ajarn Apichai
This amulet is to praise the Fox Demon who can turn into a beautiful woman that is believed to be able to attract and enchant people to make them fall in love . The amulet is a special edition which Ajarn Apichai has blessed with the Wicha Saneah Naa Maa, Maa Duan Paed and Maa Khow Sai, all Wichas that bring powerful Lanna magic.
Ajarn has used many types of Waan Saneah for attraction that includes two types of Waan Saneah Jan, Waan Saneah 108, 5 Saneah Yaa Faet powders, Prai Tai Tong Glom powders, Prai from a virgin and Prai powders from a lady who died on Saturday and was cremated on a Tuesday. The shroud on the back is from a corpse cloth and it wraps the Takrut Maha Pisawat, and there is also the Takrut Gan Phai to protect from dangers. This collection of materials and blessings brings many attributes to this talisman, including Maha Saneah attraction, luck, love and protection from all dangers.

This is a complex magical construction for Charm, sex, enchantment and protection, the attributes everyone wants from a 9 Tail Fox amulet but here it is delivered by a Master of Saneah and Prai.

Measures 2.45" and comes with Ajarn Apichai's card a dedicated kata.

Highly Supernatural magic.

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The 9 Tail Fox Prai Amulet by Ajarn Apichai

  • The 9 Tail Fox arose from the demand for amulets to this Asian deity, which have been very successful in the region. Generally, they are constructions for Charm, sex and protection and come as either Prai or Puttakhun talismans.