We just discovered a tray of this Nam Man Prai in Ajarn Suea's Samnak and it is a NMP that because well known for its efficiency and potency when it was available a year or two ago. This NMP was extracted from mae Lehlai, a lady who died at the age of 21 while pregnant in an accident in Mae Hong Son. The oil was extracted just below the breast and the place of extraction is given by the spirit once she has agreed to allow it, and this is the best NMP around of the modern forms. It also seems amazingly cheap as all my other NMP's are old ones from famous magicians. Bless Ajarn Suea for this, he is such a talented Ajarn.

I have had great reviews of this corpse oil as she is very easy to contact with the mind. Mae Lehlai helps with wealth and bringing lovers, and is especially good at persuading others to fulfill your desires. She works for merit but there's also offerings she likes involving raw pork or pigs blood, alcohol and cigarettes for special requests (see last pic) to help persuade her to help but then merit is given, as agreed with the spirit. These Phi Tai Tong Glom ghosts can be astonishingly potent when the correct connections are made. This item is for Bucha only, do not put on anyone's skin.

Measures 1.7" and comes with Ajarn's card and kata.

The Amazing Mae Lehlai Nam Man Prai by Ajarn Suea

  • Nam Man Prai is the stuff of legend. It is the oil from a corpse that has to be made supernatural through an early death via accidents, suicide etc. The oil is then mixed with other items to make it go further and sold to the public for love attraction and good fortune.

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