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The Baphomet Prai Amulet by Ajarn Apichai - I have just added photos of this in silver.
The matrix in this locket to Baphomet contains many forms of Prai, such as Phi Tai Hong ashes, Phi Tai Tong Glom ashes, Prai Kuman ashes, Prai from a man who died on Saturday and was cremated on a Tuesday and more. These ashes have been collected by Ajarn over a period of 10 years and have now been mixed with ashes he has collected from over 100 different graveyards. This gives a huge foundation to the magic within this piece and these ashes have been mixed with more than 100 kinds of Waan Maha Saneah powders.
After assembling the matrix, Ajarn then pressed into it a phial of Nam Man Prai from a Playboy who died in an accident, and he used to enjoy both sexes as lovers. It also has pressed into it a square of corpse cloth, a number plate, and the Takrut Na Samleng. During the blessing of this, Ajarn called Baphomet into it and used the 4 elements to boost the power of the amulet. It has been blessed to bestow many attributes, such as Saneah, Metta, attracting lovers, luck and fortune, success in ventures, protection from vicious spirits and help to control all the prai amulets in the home.
The Thai Ajarns consider Baphomet to be a deity that can fulfill all human desires. The first time this amulet enters the home, it is praised pigs blood, or for better connection, prick your finger and put a little blood on the locket. This action both bonds the owner to the deity and shows his faith in the construction of Ajarn Apichai. Blood will always be the preferred offering to this remarkable amulet but after the first time it can be from a pig, cow or chicken.
Serious Magic.

Measures 2.25" and comes with Ajarns card and kata. It is a good idea to burn 16 incense when this enters the home to ask the local spirits to allow him to live there.

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  • Yes, the Ajarns of Thailand can make a Baphomet and invite him into the amulet itself to help grant all human desires.