This is by far the best amulet to Mae Tanee ever made, which is why this is the 6th generation of amulets to this tree spirit. Mae Tanee is famous in Thailand for being a potent spirit that lives in one of the types of banana tree. Those of us with Sak Yant have to be careful not to sleep under Tanee trees because she fiunds her way in through our Yants and will then use us for her own sexual pleasure until we die of exhaustion.

This amulet by Phra Ajarn O is magnificent. It consists of the woody sections of the leaves of a haunted tree that has been wrapped in green cloth (her colour), bound with two Takrut and then placed into an amulet with shredded money and an oil made from the same potent tanee tree (not every Tanee tree has her spirit). Her hair is made of a creeping plant that has charming qualities. Incantations brought Mae Tanee into each piece and the a Buddhist ceremony was performed to instil her with Buddhist qualities and the desire to help others.

For money, enchantment and love.

Measures 2.85" and comes with Ajarn's card and kata.

One of my favourite pieces from this Master of Magic.

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THE Beautiful Mae Tanee Prai Amulet by Phra Ajarn O - LAST ONE - enchantment

  • The Tanee tree is famous in Thailand for holding a particularly strong spirit that is superb for enchantment, protection and good fortune. Those of us with Sak Yant have to be careful not to sleep under a Tanee tree or she will make a sex slave of us till we die of exhaustion.
    Not a bad way to go.