This is a beautiful amulet because of its depth of mystery and is a classic item from Ajarn Verataep that was released 10 years ago but came from old stock from the Samnak of Ajarn in Bangkok (and at a reduced price). Most talismans of this type a bit disappointing and without the clout one would expect from such an important deity but this is special because of the psyche of Ajarn Verataep. It is like iron, which is essential when traveling to the realms above and inviting them into an amulet.

The enamel locket shows a seated Phra Phrom with three of his faces visible and flanked by the sun and the moon. It is a beautifully detailed piece and Ajarn added some script during his blessing, which is one of the advantages of buying direct from the maker. The back holds two Takrut, gems, a Somdet and a figure of Phra Phrom along with some extra script and this amulet is made for people to treat you kindly, great fortune and the protection from the gods on high.

This is the Ong Kru locket which measures 5cm x 3.8m, so is larger than most and was a very expensive piece when first made. Even todays price, which is related to the original retail price (this came from unused stock) is still expensive but you get what you pay for with a good deity amulet.

Measures 2.75" and comes with Ajarns card and kata. A Top Amulet.

Potent ancient magic.

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The Beautiful Phra Phrom Ong Kru Locket by Ajarn Verataep 2012

  • Phra Phrom is the Thai name for Brahma, who brings with him Metta and kindness for human kind. He is regarded as the deity for Good Fortune and Protection and is often seen as having four faces, looking out for his devotees in all directions.