The Boromkhru Saneah with Burmese Yaa  by Ajarn Apichai
This is made up of a collection of old Burmese Yaa mixtures, which include Yaa Dam (for kicking back malicious spirits), Yaa Daeng (for Saneah), Yaa Peelu (for protection from black magic), Yaa Maha Pong Saen, Yaa Jintamunee (for great fortune and to raise your status) and Yaa Maha Tamun. These are all classic Burmese Yaa that are for great fortune and attraction but primarily for their qualities of protection from everything including malicious ghosts and black magic. These Yaa all came from his Kruba Ajarns who gave them to Ajarn, which he mixed to make this batch of just 9 amulets to the Lersi for attraction. In the back is also has a phial of mercury that has been blessed by Ajarn Apichai using ancient Thai Wicha for very strong protection and to repel negative forces.
This amulet should be carried with you to protect against all bad things and the mercury will also absord the negative elements already present in your body. I love the image of the Lersi on the front with the red stone in his third eye, which has made this really suitable to be cased in silver. This is exceptional work from Ajarn Apichai and more remarkable limited edition items will be coming soon.
Only 9 made.

Measures 2"  in a fine silver case. It comes Ajarns card and his Lersi kata.

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The Boromkhru Saneah Lersi Amulet with Burmese Yaa by Ajarn Apichai

  • There are 108 Lersi and all have a role in the magical world. The Cow Headed Lersi is one of the top Lersi and he is turned to when looking for help with magical Wicha. One of the truly ancient Lersi that still hold great power.