This remarkable looking See Pung has been made via a long process to leave a very thick consistant mixture of Prai and a Waan mixture by the legendary blacked out skin Ajarn Maha Gad. It took years to assemble and collect the constituent parts and then took this remarkable Ajarn another year to bless and the whole thing follows a rare Burmese Wicha.

One of its prai constituents is a Nam Man Prai from Mae Kham Orn and the Pong Prai from her dead child inside her. It is worn to bring Saneah to your life and attract people to you. Good for meeting important people and one great thing about this amulet is that it doesn't need offerings but if the wish is granted you should tamboon and give the merit to the spirit of the Phi Tai Tong Glom.

This is the sort of Prai magic that is best waited for as it took 5 years to make, being constantly blessed throughout that time. Its consistency is remarkable and it has been beautifully cased with a red gem on one side and a white one on the other. I cannot recommend this enough and I only managed to grab a handful before they sold out.

Measures 1.25" and comes the card and kata from Ajarn Maha Gad. One handy thing is that this does not need offerings but find Mae Kham Orn with your mind, and when she brings good fortune or aids your life, make Tamboon and give the merit to her.

My feeling is this will be a deceptively productive piece.

The Burmese See Pung Prai Ruay Saneah by Ajarn Maha Gad

  • My feeling is that there is so much more Burmese magic than we know of but this is a great start to the process of using their magical knowledge to great effect. There will be so many more amazing see pung in Burma as well as astonishing mixtures of Waan.