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Ajarn Sala Boon Khong of Chiang Mai is one of the most astonishing magicians of his generation and the chance to get any of his work should be taken. He is currently by far the best at Burmese magic in this region.

This is pure and potent Burmese magic that has 2 potent herbal mixtures on the back and 4 Takrut, all set into a black matrix and as yet, no one makes the amulets from the Burmese tradition better than Ajarn Sala Boon Khong. Chao Faa Makhongtee is a Burmese deity that is renowned for windfall luck, business luck and gambling, which is unusual but there are 3 rules that have to be strictly followed when gambling and carrying this amulet. The first is that you do not drink alcohol while gambling, the second is that you cannot be flirtacious or make a flirtatious comment or action while gambling and the final rules is that you have to wish for the amount you would like to win and once you have won that amount you have to stop on that day. In addition to this, if you win, you should spray a little perfume on the amulet and tap it to let it know you have won something.

An astonishingly beautiful talisman that feels as if from the past and is old stock from Ajarn's Samnak.

Only 19 made.
Measures 2.75" and there is no kata with these items, just praise the item directly. Burmese items such as this like water, tea, fruit, cigarettes, alcohol but no sweets or raw meat please, unless the Burmese item has prai.

All the talismans of Ajarn Sala Boon Khong are made in limited numbers.

The Chao Faa Makhongtee Amulet by Ajarn Sala Boon Khong - Burmese Magic!

  • Finding good Burmese magic is extremely difficult because it is kept with the various cults. Now that some Ajarns in Thailand are learning the magic, it is they who are passing on some of the benefits of the Burmese magical way and the best of these Ajarns is Ajarn Sala Boon Khong.

  • I offer a 30 days return policy with a refund on receipt of the item but for some items I cannot do that as they need blessing again by the maker, some of whom I do not know personally. This is a problem with spiritual items but I will always endeavor to help where I can.