I adore the old work of Ajarn Verataep, when he was at the height of his powers and popularity. Sadly, he makes little now so I recently cleared his store room of nice things that dated back up to 8 years to his prime period or production.

This is THE classic version of his Nang Ngu (Snake Lady) amulets from 2014, which is brand new and has never been worn (it was in its original sealed plastic pouch and I got it cased). The front enamel panel (which is of very fine quality) shows a beautiful lady wrapped with a snake on a gold background, and I was surprised to get this as it was very popular at the time.

The back is awesome and has a superb prai matrix in pink and cream, into which has been pressed a small phial of his famous Nam Man Prai around which are 6 Takrut, 4 white gems, a star and an eye to keep an eye on what's going on within you. All together, you have one hell of an amulet of the type that Ajarn Verataep is famous for. It hums.

The amulet should be carried with you for great attraction and potent protection.

It measures 2.25" and comes with Ajarn Verataep's kata.

Post - to the USA, Canada, Japan, Oz and NZ - by COURIER ONLY ($45)

Standard registered ($10) applies to everywhere else.

The Classic Nang Ngu Snake Prai Amulet by Ajarn Verataep 2014

  • With Prai amulets, the better the prai and the higher the abilities of the maker the more productive and potent the item is. Just follow the instructions for care and praise the piece to rceive the things it promises in return.