Phra Ajarn Supasit is one of my favourite makers because his work delivers what is sought by the buyer because Phra Ajarn has brought this to life using the 32 parts of the body Wicha to create a Ngang within this piece. This is unusual as they are usually invited in but the effect of it brings a real sense of life.

This is his classic Phra Ngang that was made 4 years ago of a mix of soils from 7 graveyards mixed with the ashes from a dead pregnant lady and the ashes from a man who died on Saturday and was cremated on Tuesday. The herb content of the mix includes the Waan 108 powder and other herbs for charm. The Ngang was then cast and I adore the blood infused shellac at the front as it looks like this Phra Ngang is soaked in it.

Into this mix Phra Ajarn pressed two hand written Takrut, two red gems and then he added the script. It is a very simple construction but it carries a huge amount of force, making this Phra Ngang fantastic for sex attraction and saneah, great fortune and popularity. This one feels like he will be very productive and a naughty old demon. As offerings, give some cooked rice for food maybe once a week and merit when life is going well because of him. Alcohol can be offered when things are going great but don't forget merit. Merit is like honey to this amulet and will help the ghost in the afterlife.

Life gets interesting with a good Phra Ngang and this is brilliant Phra Ngang.

Measures 2.5" and comes with a dedicated kata.

Highly Supernatural magic from a Master of Magic.

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The Classic Phor Ngang Prai Amulet by Phra Ajarn Supasit

  • Phra Ngang is a very popular deity that helps with all wishes, Maha Saneah and Chok Larb (wealth) and is regarded as the closest to the human heart, so easy to connect with.