The Prai Krasip Amulet by Ajarn Verataep
In a recent visit to see Ajarn Verataep, his luksit had found a large bag of old Prai Krasips, which was great because these are some of my favourite amulets ever made by Ajarn. The amulet folows a beautiful simplicity because he has used a gilded metal skul with red stone eyes, and inside there is bone powder with graveyard earths and a Takrut, and that's it. Ajarn awoke this piece during the blessing and it is very present indeed because he is one of the greatest Prai Ajarns in the country.
This amulet has the power to protect from any dangers, give audible warnings in the mind, boost the instincts and receive the bad fortune that was coming our way. It has the power to grant luck and fortune, bring business and workplace success, help with negotiations and bring Saneah to enchant the people close by. The Wicha for this type of amulet is one of the oldest in the system and is still popular because of its strong foresight, for which it is rightly renowned.

It measures 1.6", comes with Ajarns card and you praise this amulet with rice wine and kata.

Superb work from a Prai Master.

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The Classic Prai Krasip Amulet by Ajarn Verataep - for foresight

  • The Prai Krasip is the whispering ghost that connects with us to warn us of good things and bad things approaching. Their imagery makes them both attractive and accessible to the modern tastes, through the use of a skull to portray the presence of this ghost. This ghost is considered to be a very stable entity that establishes a bond with the bearer and acts as a warning system for approaching luck, problems or danger. The other name these are known by is ‘The Whispering Ghost’ because of the way he works, the spirit whispers to you, not in the ear but in the mind.