This is a classic Pujow Samingprai from 7 years ago that was made in limited numbers by Ajarn Phrot and is an important magical talisman.

The main element in this amulet is Waan Dok Thong, which is legendary for bringing great attraction. Added to this is Waan Chang Phasom Khlong, Waan Sao Long, Waan Saneah Jan and the powdered vine that is a favourite of Ajarn Phrot. In the mix are pieces of shroud from a dead pregnant lady.
All the plants and the Waan are specifically good for love and Saneah. The back has the Takrut Dok Thong and Takrut Sao long, also for Saneah, which were made and blessed specifically for this amulet, both of which also boost your Saneah attraction for the opposite sex.
Having and praising this amulet helps bring lovers even if you are not looking for one and wishes will also work regarding good business and good fortune. All these attributes are helped by Pujow Samingprai fulfilling his other role of banishing and controlling malicious ghosts and malicious forms of magic. This has a tremendous effect when first worn as it can allow our natural good fortune to come through, like clearing a blocked road of snow to allow the traffic access to their destination.

A good Pujow Samingprai is very useful for people wanting to raise their level in life, and particularly effective for the slightly downtrodden or people emerging from a bad period. This amulet brings authority, strong protection, good fortune by clearing the way and also attraction as many people adore a strong person.
Measures 3.5” and comes with Ajarns card and Pujow Samingprai kata.

Pujow Samingprai this good are hard to find.

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The Classic Pujow Samingprai Amulet by Ajarn Phrot 2014

  • There are 108 Lersi and all have a role in the magical world. The Tiger Faced Lersi is one of the top Lersi and he is turned to when one needs control of all ghosts and spirits as well as a boost in authority.