This is another great piece of crazy Prai from Ajarn Krit. It comes from a man called Mana who was 27 when he died by being struck by lightning outside of a casino in Poipet, which is a gambling town on the border of Thailand and Cambodia. It has been blessed for money, luck and gambling because that is what he enjoyed as he gambled every day. He was also a bit of a playboy but it is the good fortune aspect that Ajarn has raised from this Thai victim of nature (he was brought back to Thailand after his death).

A silver top has been added to this piece to enable easy wearing and it is open to be touched for connection and any transfer of fortune of help with money. It has been made using a rare Wicha in the Suai language and wicha from this tribe of people is renowned for its potency with prai.

The amulet measures 2" and there is no kata, just connect, make offerings and off you go.

The collar bone of a Named Gambler Killed by Lightning in Silver

  • Certain forms of death can enable any part of a body to be used and death by lightning is incredibly potent as the person was killed by the power of nature itself.

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